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I have to give up my ghost.

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy, by Tim Burton


Je suis les fleurs dans son jardin…

je suis les fleurs dans son jardin
je te cherce en vain
toute l’année, désolé
tu me manques
je t’ai encore

TV Series Online

After Star World aired the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 4, I couldn’t wait to watch the season 5. Found one site that enable me to watch it online.

Love to share, love to spread addiction. 😀

Be A Clever Dick.

Usually I ignore any online ad but I can’t resist this one. Simple, just use “strong” words. Have you ever heard people saying that man thinks with his dick? I don’t know if it’s myth or not. 😀 Despite all that, I think it is a clever ad.

Clever dick.

Sexually transmitted infections are spreading fast.

Don’t pick one up tonight.
Condom: essential wear.

Not-so Retail Therapy

Money comes and goes, they say. But that’s not the case with me. Money does come sometimes and goes frequently. I never really have a real saving. Then I do wonder.

I know I am quite stingy if I feel like it. I am able to resist any temptation. I can think of hundred of reasons to stop myself buying something. However my mind goes nuts and changes rational mode to irrational mode whenever I get stressed out. Anything in front of my very eyes, I grab it. For instance, yesterday, for no apparent reason, I bought a pair of knee-length net stockings. I just remember that I have few pennies LEFT in my bank account and voila! Most people can understand if I buy until-derriere net stockings for the sake of trends, but they do not understand the knee-length one. Me neither.

Yeah, money is power. The power is bestowed on me when I buy something. Yep, I do that to make me feel good about myself. Then regret comes and I try to find million reasons just to justify my impulse-buying disaster. I made it up. Luckily I remembered eluxury styling department work on Thakoon, but deep inside my heart, I know that I am guilty as charged.

Recent Purchases

My size 3 Vincci shoes have just arrived today. I was very excited to try it on and they fit my feet perfectly! Can’t wait to rock them with a pair of black knee length socks or black tights.

Custom made beauty

I waste my time on internet just to click through net a porter, browns fashion, etc and save any designers’ pieces snapshot to my computer. Sadly, I haven’t found a seamstress who are capable of executing the design I want.

However, I have found my ‘soul mate’ for tailoring my pants though. The fit, the cut.. are just perfect on my odd derriere. Plus it’s quite cheap. They have quite selections of fabric for jeans.

Blambangan Vermak Levi’s @ Radio Dalam!
IDR 125,000 for the fabric + tailoring service.

AG Jeans – Deco Trousers in Harlow

I was so happy, not only they are in perfect fit, but I got a pair of wide leg jeans that were hard to find. They weren’t on trend spot at that time.

Let me also introduce you to my other fashion squad. As some of you may know, I have a overly small feet for an adult. Size 3. Just like baby. No wonder I couldn’t find my pair in the market. Luckily, I met a friend offering me custom-made shoe service. Not only I can find my perfect size, I also can make any out of the box “tidak pasaran” designs executed.

IDR 150,000 for a pair of shoes or sandals.

This is one of the designs I asked pesansepatu to do the magic on my feet.

Opening Ceremony – Cutout Oxford