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Title: Conception
Artist: Olivia S.



I draw a string for you
Black, it is
My fingers dance
Moving and flowing
A song that vibrates

There is still that garden in my eyes
A dream is never a dream
It is the sound of my heart

La Javanaise

Breezy and exotic!

La Javanaise (1968)
Artist: Serge Gainsbourg
Album: Bonnie & Clyde

Houndstooth: keep rolling!

Alexander McQueen Fall 2009
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Apparently houndstooth is staying for quite some time in this year. Alexander McQueen add a touch of royal couture glam for this vintage pattern with 40’s-50’s silhouette. The models’ makeup was exaggerated with pale skin and big red lips, perhaps to express a mock-up of that era?

Grey’s Anatomy Personality Quiz

It turns out that I’m Christina

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A Slight Case of Murder (1999)

Director: Steven Schachter
Casts: William H. Macy, Adam Arkin, Felicity Huffman, James Cromwell
Genre: Dark comedy

A film critic (Therry Thorpe) accidentally killed his lover during their quarrel. The story started from that point on, left him getting in touch of his dark-free side and getting involved with a series of drama that made him not a hero but a movie star in his life. After or before he did something, he talked to the camera as if he was watched (and indeed, he was :D).

Unexpected, smart, and hilarious storyline!

Chain of life

It started turning all blue. The scene. The sight of a young boy. The fire. The hand. The clots in the head were shaking.

She had it all, she thought, to make herself a perfect day, without kids, without man, without anything. She managed to survive. Yes, at least, that’s what she thought of herself. However no other people agreed to her. They pushed her to do what they considered to be normal, that is what they always do. They didn’t understand her happiness in her nothingness.

Then she started to not answer, they say. She only responded them with smile and always said, “You never understand what chain of life is, until you get there, the key it is.”

They did not understand and they tried to build any theory to fill in the gap in their mind of her. Nothing could answer the most of their curiosities. When they asked her what it did mean, she only replied with her smile.

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just like music

people set the day with their hope and expectation
just like music

whatever happens in that day, that is beauty
just like music

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Armani Ad: hot!

This recent Armani (Exchange)ad campaign is as provocative as always. Sex sells! I like this ad because it does not only exploit woman’s sexuality but testosterone’s added to the plate as well. However it’s rejected in several places calling it too racy. That’s too bad.

No matter Armani’s ad getting banned so often, I do think Armani secures its position as a brand with consistent ads: provocative!

Parker Gregory (back left), Rianne ten Haken, and Kerry Degman
(on his back) in the new A|X campaign.


anonymous call to the universe

It is right to make an anonymous call to the universe so you can strip off your what-so-called identity and simmer in the depth of yourself

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