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the ties had been strained
because the valium skies were taken down


When I feel…

When I feel like farting, I am a poker-face expert
When I feel I want to be an invisible man, I will go to the ceiling
When I feel I want to jump to the sky, I will try to keep myself from banging my head on the wall
When I feel I’m married with Johnny Depp, I will remind my family not to hesitate signing me up to the mental institution
When I have a dirty thought, I won’t read bible, it’s not helping at all
When I feel that I will get burnt by the hellfire, I won’t rely myself on 911 here, they are stuck with the traffic jam, for sure

What else?

When I feel tired with my fantasy, there’s nothing better than to be with my best friends
I’m finally home

what is in my head

born. love. done. dim. fun. can’t stop. dwell. litter. vain. mock. longing. bend. run. dance. loan. fraud. reset. latte. goal. bump. walk. rain. shine. sterling. hero. walk. away. sky. rum. night. city. cedar. dome. puzzle. born.

If I went to the moon…

I would carve my face there. That’s all.

on hold

let me think but not to think
dimmed the white light
the lion is still sleeping
weeping for the loss, the night
and the wind flies the time
born to question
me, myself, cannot rest
I am the flower in the garden of time
beseech before me, I am
still waiting
grasping the air
bend me over, my search of freedom
it is a hope that never be fulfilled
be content, must I?

The Journey

Time is never be determined in exact way in Hakarah Forest. One hour is not always 60 minutes and 1 day is not always 24 hours. Children of Hakarah forest believe that time is run by The Supreme Divine and it is never man’s course to rule. The moment people try to measure the time, the more they are caught up in themselves. By the power of The Supreme Divine, nature will tell the time to men. Time is never consumed because time is there.

Isaiah had passed many days and nights, and he was a strong and never a bashful child. His dark skin was cherished by the sun and the depth of his blue eyes was praised by the wind. Every start of the morning, Isaiah walked through the wood to his mother, Mundini. There, he sat by Mundini and layed his hand on the surface of the love. They talked in their voice of heart circularly. At that moment, the grass and the trees were trying to comprehend both of them, the wind was laughing and teasing them but they never succeed to stop or to hear what they were not supposed to. Nature was working in their own way to keep the line.

On one day, Mundini devised, “Since the day you were born, you has always known who you are. Paint your way up, my son, but never roll the dice. Look for your other eyes.” Isaiah then for the last time, laid himselves inside the Mundini, and sang,

“There is never once the love of the mother hurts
and never once the tear is a sorrowful song
Endless prayers is never be a long journey
I am growing inside you and because of you

Never abandon me, my blissful one
As I shall never be”

Then Mundini left the forest and disappeared from the sight of the nature. All in Hakarah forest were shed in tears, and cried “There will be no birth in Hakarah forest, no more.” Since that time, Hakarah forest was never a song, only silence marked that magical place. The sun cried and hid her face. From now on, people only can see the back of the sun, as the the forest beckoned her. No one in the world ever remembered the children of Hakarah forest.

That was what he told me in one evening. He said, “By the time you reach your 15, you should have recollected everything beyond your life.”

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Les Eclairs de L’amitié – The Eclairs (Sweetness) of Friendship

This was taken when we watched Eclairs performance in Cafe Au Lait this night. This was my first time listening to Eclairs but I’m in love. When they played “Paint it Black” (Rolling Stones) in jazz, I was and am sure that this won’t be my last time listening to their music.

After (and during) two breezy jazz hours, we couldn’t wait to snap our joy.

Our lovely star of the night: Yasintha (violinist/singer – Eclairs)

This was taken in self-timer mode. We wondered what happened but it seemed that we had “transcendental” episode for a while (perhaps).

Arga, the rasta boy, the only survival from the “rotten” carbonara and he had every reason to be proud of. Behind: Christian, the hunk of Psychology 2003 Atma Jaya gone “Kudus”

Yasintha, our cutesy Tante Susi, after performance.

There was never a best picture until it was taken spontaneously. You can feel the emotion of that moment straight away.

African heavenly music to the world: Seckou Keita SKQ

Seckou keita, an inspired exponent of the Kora that can makes the West African harp-lute
sound like a small band Robin Denselow – Guardian

The richly layered songs on Seckou Keita SKQ’s pasr Tama-Silo album range from the haunting African Soul of ‘Tounga’ to upbeat floor-fllers like ‘Sina Mory’ and ‘N’fa Quartet’… Read more on

from my pain, he is our savior

Reading my mind, the boy was floating in the air. He cherished me with his song and his smile to the world. Hence when I closed my eyes, I was in the midst of the forest. My soul was running free into the woods, into the soil, and one by one, pieces of my soul were scattered around the petals of each big blue red flowers. Then he led me to his mother, Mundini he called. I laid myself into her and I felt that I could breathe lighter and easier that I ever imagined.

Dwelling in the sacred water, I could see my mother in a bed. Her face was read and she seemed to be in so much pain. “Push push”, they said. She held her breath and she closed her eyes. There was no screaming, no tears but such in pain. Holding my father’s hand, she chanted, “oooooooo” She closed her eyes again, took air to her lungs, then she began to push herself again. “Chamber of life has been opened,” my father said. Then I heard a blissful sound: a cry of a newborn. My father cut the cord then they laid the baby boy in my mother’s arm. My mother said, “he will be called Isaiah because from our love, he is here and from my pain, he is our savior.”

Ajna Chakra
Courtesy of

"Salvation of God"

The children of Hakarah forest were born by the sacred water Mundini in the middle of the forest. Every June, there will be a life surfacing from Mundini. In the midst of the rainy June, there was this young baby boy radiating white gold shine when he was given birth by Mundini. Just after he was born, he sang a song that was heavenly divined. All the trees were singing, all animals in the forest ran to him and stood around him to see him.

From the breathe of the earth, I was born
From the song of the wind, I was born
From the prayer of fire, I was born
From the holy water, I was born
From the love of The Eternal Sun,
there’s a life

Take joy in God’s hand
Lend me a sword to conquer the abide of human
We are children of God
We are divinely being
Love love love
Grow the earth
Grow lives
Grow the prayer
We are all around in the circle of life

All children of Hakarah forest were stunned by him and their hearts were also singing with him. Filled with the magical feeling, they sang with him and danced. The forest filled with the circling flow of light. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
May God’s love rises the children of Hakarah forest. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Circle of life.

Then they named the boy Isaiah “Salvation of God”.