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We might need to revolutionise the way we approach language

I studied psychology. Most of my assessment about people, including my potential boyfriend, are derived and shaped from the psychology framework. I am a believer in Jungian approach, more specifically archetype. I classified my date based on archetype and tried to analyse if the archetype matches with my own archetype. Pretty obnoxious, don’t you think? Especially when I am not really sure about my own archetype. Yup knowing myself fully is really challenging, especially when I do something that I thought was not of my so-called character. That is my shortcoming (or the shortcoming of the framework used – it sometimes makes us overgeneralise everything), I must admit, yet I cannot help but categorise people unconsciously based on the language I choose.

Another general case is intelligence. At the superficial layer, we can perceive intelligence and often are deceived by the language one’s used (I think that is why many people use jargon – they hide their incapability to form a sharp thinking – an escape valve and also it makes us feel intelligent). However to think about it, it also shapes the way we think. For instance, Indonesian language often relies on context, hence a word can have multiple interpretations. The negative side, it is a challenge to think and form a concise concept or “ngawang-ngawang” (maybe it is one of the reasons why we easily buy into politicians’ promise that is encapsulated by vagueness of the words yet sounds good. However the positive side of it is that we appreciate complexities in life. We embrace change and are adaptable to it. Maybe that is why despite of our economic condition, we are still one of the most optimistic countries. It is a different case with English that requires concise and precise thinking (if you work in communication or marketing industry, you know how it is sometimes tiresome just to find the precise and right vocabulary to express our thoughts in important strategy documents). On the hindsight, English-speaking people find it difficult to explain complexities of lives (hence the popularity of Eastern philosophy and culture).

The language challenge also happens when you connect with people of different language. For example, a relationship with people that speak different language (foreigners). You want to express a feeling but you cannot find the right word to express it then it leads to misunderstanding that might lead to unnecessary bigger problem. But then again, come to think again, we still find difficulty to find the right word to express our thought and feeling to people who speak the same language as we do. Words seem to float yet you do not know which one to choose. Then you settle with the second best word. You still feel that something is not finished, you don’t think that your partner really get it. This might cause people to stop trying to really communicate what they mean to people they love. “That is enough. If they really love me, they will understand” is the wishful thinking that we entertain to make us feel better. Then problems come. At one point, you will feel cheated because you find out that they get you wrong. Crushed hope. Loneliness. Endless longing for real connection.

A few days ago, I watched the first episode of “Touch”. It is a TV series telling a story about a father and his kid that is diagnosed as autistic in our existing framework, but is actually seeing the world in different lens, different language, the language of numbers, to be precise.The ‘autistic’ kid experiences the world in different way, he sees the pattern of the past, present and future and everything actually has a formula, some sort of calculation that if you understand it, you can predict why something happens and even the future. In short, the film comes with a premise that evolution of language signifies evolution of species.  In our world that we perceive as reality, evolution of language happens (often comes naturally with the invention in technology, social situation or context, etc.), from the slang words that its usage often indicates one’s age until the admission of new words regularly into dictionaries such as Oxford. Even with that, we still struggle to find the right word. In the “Touch” world, the struggle might lie into how to find the right mathematical expression for emotion or highly emotional concept such as love.

I often wonder about the Babel tower incident. The fable told a story about people that wanted to catch God up. They built a tower that is so tall in the hope of reaching God’s palace – my interpretation: they want to cheat death or they want to prove that they do not have to experience death to reach the Kingdom of Heaven. God was angry then took their ability to speak in the same language, hence different languages are born. Is it the envy of God that people actually have potential to open up limitless possibilities when are given chance to collaborate, forming collective intelligence? In the age of Renaissance, revolution was born in coffee shops where people gathered and exchanged opinions. In our time, people shared their knowledge openly via internet enriching our horizons  that helps us form better vision for the world and how to achieve it, scientists invite people to contribute in answering scientific question. This is our Babel tower now: collective intelligence to solve any problem.

Our different language has a benefit in one point. It creates divergence of perspectives. What people of language A do not think of are brought to realisation by people of language B. It opens up our thinking and possibilities of solution. This is the essence of collaboration. However as human, we also have a need of control. Hence there is structure inside structure. We create another language to convert different perspective into one language that hopefully everybody can understand. This is a good intention. But on the hindsight, as we are afraid that other stakeholder does not understand our intention, we spend more time to translate it into the structure, finding the right vocabulary, instead of focusing our resources to find new ideas (defeating the purpose of collaboration).

Right now I can only think of two scenarios to solve this problem. The first scenario, if the evolution of language brings us to the “pre-Babel” condition (one lingo that lacks of tangible form, some sort of telepathy). The second scenario, the division of labour that makes interpreters one of the most important jobs in this world. It does not limit to ‘geographical-based’ lingo only, but any lingo (jargon included). Interpreters, charge your client higher. Your profession is highly needed in order to make this world more efficient and productive.

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What I’ve Learnt from Malaysia (1)

Going around the world is one of my dream. I dreamt of going to Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Russia, Italy, France and South Africa. However never had I thought that I would walk on the soil of Malaysia. But universe has its own plan and it never ceases to surprise me. Few days ago I was sent by my nice and great bosses to attend a 3-days workshop. I thought I might not be able to make it since I only knew about this workshop on the last day of the registration and it required me to pull off an analysis on an ad. But, once again, universe cast its magic and finally I flew to Malaysia.

To be honest, I didn’t expect much from Malaysia. I heard that it really resembled Jakarta and nothing would dazzle me. In short, people said that I would get bored in Malaysia.  However they were wrong. The beauty of Malaysia might not be in its landscape or its skyscrapers but it’s in the people.

During the workshop, I met amazing people with tremendous spirit. They played the game at a whole different level.  Amazing work ethics. During the workshop, we were tasked to solve a live brief. Though it’s only a workshop, they took it seriously. My group worked on it until 1 AM and up until the presentation time, we still debated on the strategic direction. Consisted of strong-headed thinkers, on the surface, it seemed that we’re getting nowhere but in fact, it just showed how big our passion were. I learnt a lot from them, to express your opinion freely with no fear in our search of finding the “truth”. As Mr. Karthik Siva (the trainer) said, “truth” without courage could only go so far.

Talking about courage, there’s a guy who went all the way, against the expected norm in society, opening up his own agency at the age of 23. Most people will choose to work in an established agency before venturing out on their own. However this guy saw an opportunity, he grabbed it and his agency has grown bigger in 5 years. Talking about commitment and audacity!

I often wondered how some people could get themselves to make their own way going against mainstream. Most people would judge them to be foolish and immature for taking bold decisions. Then after they succeeded, people would wonder why they couldn’t achieve the same thing.

The secret was, I observed and learnt in the workshop, “I can” + challenges. When you had that attitude, you could see through the underlying opportunity even the most difficult situation and hit the spot right. When you say ‘I can’, you put your heart in what you do. When brain and heart worked in sync, you created magic.

On the other hand, if we are already full of ‘I can’t’ even before starting to do whatever you set out to do, our eyes will be blurred by it and might miss the opportunity that sit in front of our eyes. We might complain that there’s no one or nothing to help us, but have we asked ourselves if it’s the case? People could do so much trying to help, but it’s all up to us. Will we take it or leave it?

Success rooted from how we set the expectation. If we only dare to set mediocre target, we will get mediocre result. I think no one should strive to be mediocre. We are blessed with brain, heart and spirit to create magic when we really want it. It’s the power of will. So I think, before we start complaining about our work, our lives, we should ask ourselves: what do we expect from ourselves and have we done enough to meet our expectation?

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Transforming The Experience: An Idea to Save Jiffest

“Since its first inception in 1999, JIFFest played a pivotal role in bringing back filmgoing audiences to cinema after a long hiatus of Indonesian cinema in the 1990s. Consistently, JIFFest has brought out international films of reputable quality that mostly are not screened in regular theatres. Up to 2009, JIFFest has been attended by more than 350,000 audiences, and has screened almost 1,500 films from around 40 countries.”

Jiffest, salah satu ajang yang saya tunggu-tunggu setiap tahun, karena berbeda dengan film-film mainstream yang disajikan di bioskop, Jiffest menyajikan film-film berkualitas dari berbagai negara. Dan “Mannen Som Elsket Yngve” (The Man Who Loved Yngve), salah satu film Norwegia yang diputar Jiffest, menjadi salah satu film favorit saya, dan mungkin tidak akan saya ketahui keberadaannya kalau tidak ada Jiffest.

Namun beberapa minggu yang lalu, saya mendengar kasak kusuk seputar Jiffest di Twitter. Kata-katanya Jiffest terancam batal! Alasannya, kurang lebih lagu lama bagi penyelenggara festival atau pertunjukan seni, kurang dana. 1.5 milyar rupiah. Dan apabila Jiffest tidak berhasil mengumpulkan 1 milyar rupiah sampai 1 November 2010, Jiffest batal.

Kaget? Pastinya. Tweeps di timeline saya sibuk membicarakan persoalan ini. Mengapa hal ini bisa terjadi? Dan apa langkah yang harus diambil? Salah satu dari mereka melemparkan ‘tantangan’ ke tweeps lain:

“Coba bikin strategi supaya JiFFest akhirnya cukup dana buat jalan tahun ini.” (@sillysampi)

Tantangan yang menggelitik. Pertama, karena saya suka tantangan. Kedua, karena saya punya kepentingan emosional yang cukup kuat dengan Jiffest. Saya tidak mau Jiffest sampai batal dan saya mau berkontribusi untuk “menyelamatkan” Jiffest.

Cara pertama yang terbersit di pikiran saya (dan rupanya panitia Jiffest) adalah mengajak para pendukung Jiffest untuk menyumbang. Saat ini gerakan “Save Jiffest” merambah twitter timeline saya. Namun deadline semakin dekat, dan dana umlah yang terkumpul, walaupun banyak, namun masih jauh dari jumlah 1 miliar rupiah.


Gerakan “Save Jiffest” ini sedikit banyak mengingatkan saya pada gerakan Koin Prita. Prita, seorang ibu rumah tangga, mengeluh tentang pelayanan sebuah rumah sakit ternama di sebuah milis. Beberapa lama kemudian, ia tiba-tiba dituntut oleh rumah sakit tersebut atas tuduhan mencemarkan nama baik dan dituntut204 juta. Kaum netters Indonesia pun langsung bereaksi dan mencetuskan gerakan pengumpulan koin sebagai dukungan untuk Prita.

Koin, dalam hal ini, berperan sebagai simbol dukungan rakyat terhadap sesama mereka yang ditindas (Prita) oleh “tirani” (pihak rumah sakit). Apa yang terjadi pada Prita bisa juga terjadi pada saya (yang juga adalah rakyat biasa). Apa jadinya kalau saya, apabila karena sedang berdiskusi tentang pelayanan restoran yang buruk dengan teman, saya tiba-tiba dituntut oleh pihak restoran? Menurut saya, hal inilah yang menyebabkan publik, dari anak-anak kantor saya selebritis, guru, anak-anak sampai pemulung sampah, turut mengirimkan koin-koin ini sebagai bentuk dukungan pada Prita sampai akhirnya terkumpul dana melebihi jumlah tuntutan rumah sakit tersebut.  Sementara dalam Jiffest, hot button ini tidak ada. Mengandalkan “Save Jiffest” sebagai satu-satunya cara mungkin bukan jalan keluarnya.

Ada cara lain, lewat tiket. Saya ingat, waktu itu, @sillysampi bertanya pada tweeps, berapa harga termahal yang rela tweeps keluarkan untuk tiket Jiffest. Mungkin jawabannya beraneka ragam. Ada yang menjawab Rp 50,000 (seperti harga tiket bioskop di hari Sabtu/Minggu) dan ada juga yang menjawab Rp 100,000. Tiket Jiffest biasanya dijual dengan harga di bawah harga tiket bioskop biasa. Dan tantangannya adalah bagaimana kita dapat membuat orang rela membayar lebih, bahkan mungkin sampai di atas harga tiket bioskop biasa.

Selain bagus atau tidaknya sebuah film, penonton bioskop menilai apakah pengeluaran mereka untuk tiket worth it atau tidak, lewat pengalaman. Harga tiket di XXI lebih mahal daripada harga tiket di 21. Penonton dapat “mengerti” hal ini karena pengalaman yang disajikan di kedua bioskop itu berbeda. Di XXI, misalnya tempat duduknya lebih nyaman, interior design yang memberikan kesan luks, dibandingkan dengan 21. Oleh karena itu, transformasi pengalaman menonton dapat menjadi faktor kunci untuk menjawab pertanyaan “What’s in it for them?” (thanks for suggesting this @sillysampi)

Biasanya ketika datang ke Jiffest, orang datang, nonton, pulang. Kadang-kadang ada sesi tanya jawab dengan kelompok pembuat filmnya (sutradara, penulis naskah, aktor/aktris) namun secara garis besar, pengalamannya mirip dengan menonton film secara biasa. Padahal Jiffest bukan festival biasa. Jiffest menyajikan film-film berkualitas yang berbeda. Bisakah kita ubah pengalaman menonton Jiffest menjadi lebih dari sekedar datang, nonton, pulang?

Secara umum, siapakah penonton setia Jiffest? Dari yang saya amati (termasuk saya sendiri), we are people who pride themselves as being the true movie buff. Bosan dengan film-film yang didikte stereotype pasar, mereka menginginkan film-film yang tidak sekedar menghibur, tetapi juga menawarkan cara pandang baru, dari segi artistik film itu sendiri maupun pesannya. Dan Jiffest menjawab kebutuhan mereka dimana film-film berkualitas yang berbeda, “underground”, yang (umumnya) belum diketahui banyak orang, diputar untuk ditonton bersama-sama dengan orang-orang yang memiliki “aspirasi” yang sama.

“Cerita” ini mengingatkan saya pada “Dead Poets Society”. Jalan ceritanya secara singkat kira-kira begini. Ada sebuah sekolah ternama yang didikte oleh sistem yang kaku. Suatu hari datanglah seorang guru sastra membawa metode yang berbeda di kelasnya, menawarkan cara pandang baru yang berbeda. Bagi murid-murid tersebut, hal ini telah ditunggu-tunggu selama ini. Akhirnya terinspirasi dengan guru tersebut, beberapa dari mereka diam-diam menghidupkan kembali literary club “Dead Poets Society”. Setiap malam, mereka berkumpul di gua di sekolah mereka, membaca dan saling berdiskusi.  Does the script sound similar to us?

Jiffest lovers. Different, certainly not mainstream, we are the underground secret society of movie buffs. Dan menurut saya, atribut ini dapat kita angkat untuk menciptakan pengalaman menonton Jiffest yang berbeda: the experience of the underground secret world.

Transformasi pengalaman ini bisa dilakukan sebelum acara, pada hari H dan bahkan setelah acara.  Untuk yang sebelum acara, kita bisa membangun interest orang-orang, misalnya dengan merahasiakan nama sebuah film yang akan diputar. Bermain dengan rasa penasaran, yang akan kita perlihatkan hanya hints tentang film tersebut. Mungkin kita bisa menggunakan twitter untuk memberikan hints atau teka teki ini. Lalu orang-orang yang tertarik dipersilakan untuk membeli tiket.

Mungkin di tiket tersebut juga bisa dicantumkan password. Dan nantinya pada saat hari H, selain memperlihatkan tiket, penonton diminta untuk menyebut password tersebut sebelum memasuki teater.(seperti halnya di film-film, kalau kita ingin masuk ke ruangan perkumpulan rahasia, penjaga pintu akan meminta password untuk verifikasi apakah benar kita anggota perkumpulan itu). Selain itu, kita dapat meminta penonton untuk menebak apa kira-kira judul film itu dengan mengirim tweet (tentunya mentioning Jiffest twitter account). Penonton yang menebak dengan tepat, akan mendapatkan hadiah seusai pemutaran film.

Pada saat hari H,  dekorasi atau suasana juga dibangun merefleksikan nuansa underground secret society. Misalnya, ruangan teater dapat dibiarkan gelap walaupun film belum diputar.  Panitia Jiffest dapat menggunakan senter untuk mengarahkan penonton ke tempat duduknya masing-masing. Dan sesaat sebelum acara, mungkin MC dapat membuka sesi, berinteraksi dengan penonton, misalnya apa yang mereka pikirkan, rasakan.

Apabila tim pembuat film (sutradara, penulis skenario, aktor/aktris, dan sebagainya) dapat hadir, selain sesi tanya jawab seusai pemutaran film, para pemenang kuis dapat berdiskusi dengan mereka secara personal, misalnya makan bersama, dan sebagainya. Saya rasa ini adalah hadiah yang berharga bagi penonton Jiffest, the ‘true’ movie buffs. Dan kesempatan memenangkan hadiah ini bisa juga dikomunikasikan pada tahap sebelum acara untuk menambah interest orang-orang terhadap acara ini.

Dan setelah pemutaran film, sebagai kelanjutan dari underground secret society experience untuk membangun loyalty, penonton dapat diberikan badge yang merepresentasikan kebanggaan mereka sebagai the ‘true’ movie buffs. Bisa berupa pin atau member card beserta privileges untuk lebih cepat mendapatkan info tentang Jiffest tahun depan, dan sebagainya.

Yang saya tuliskan di atas hanyalah rough idea. Terlepas dari apakah ide ini dapat dipakai, harus dialterasi, ataupun dirombak total, post ini adalah doa saya untuk Jiffest agar Jiffest bisa terlaksana tahun ini dan tahun-tahun berikutnya. Amin. 🙂

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Marriage. Having family.

Marriage. People say, it’s a next step in one’s life. After you ride on a journey with yourself for years, now you share that journey with your partner in a legal way. Declared. Registered. Celebrated.

Two of my colleagues recently got married. And both of them (with their own spouses) seemed very happy. Glowy face (uhm), laughter, and stories (sometimes the story became too intimate and I had to tell them to stop it).

Me? I never thought the idea of marriage seriously. My imagination went only as far as it went: the party. How will I design the party? Hm.. Having a party in the beach, wearing lightweight flowy white dress, bare feet, and barely no make up. It will be a private party inviting only closest friends and families. and the guests will all wear beach attires, a bunch of people having cozy conversations while enjoying the sea breeze. After that, I went blank.

‘Normally’, people will aim for procreation. However I dread to think of having kids. I consider myself as too selfish to raise a little human being who will demand most of my time and energy, physically and emotionally. I used to think that marriage was a waste of time, but now I think, although for me, it sounds dreadful, there are some of my friends who see it as their aspiration. The idea of being together and raising family with their spouses make them happy. Some of them say, it is a commitment for love, for happiness, and for sadness to be happiness.

Yesterday as I silently observed moms talking about how hard it is to raise a kid, to make sure that they eat well, study hard, etc. It not only consumes mom’s time, but their personal space as well, out of love. But, despite of it, they seemed very happy when they talked about it. Dealing with their tantrum, feeding, teaching, worrying,  etc. are just some of the lists. Then, maybe, when one has kid and raises kid, that person will learn the true unselfish love.

For my friends who just got married or are about to be, congratulation. Hope you can really understand, master, and live the unselfish love. And don’t forget to cc me in your e-mail to universe, so I can also learn a little about that side of life: how to love unselfishly.


P.S.: I still find this song cheesy and overpromise. Maybe you can help me unlock the reason why this song is said to be one of the greatest songs of all time?

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Starting as one
Departing as two
Leaving as half
Dreaming as one

Time stops. Time cries.
Love overflows. Bloody rain.
It’s all hidden.
Behind a Peter Pan mask.

Jakarta, June 11, 2010

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school of life

Do you have a lot of friends? I’m sure most of you will answer yes. But do you have a best friend, a friend you can trust, share your deepest secret with? Luckily, I’ve got one. Meeting him again this evening made me feel very excited. Is it possible to have a true friendship between man and woman? Yup, I believe so because I have one. We always have this special connection like brother and sister. In fact, we feel that we are naturally brother and sister.

After packing my stuff and collecting dozen of magazines, I grabbed my cellphone trying to call him but it went straight to voicemail. Somehow under that uncertainty, I believed he was there, as he promised me so. I walked to the elevator, feeling excited and imagined what would happen, what we would tell each other. I crossed the road, took Transjakarta bus, followed with Mikrolet, and I arrived at that place. Yes, he’s there. He’s still the same person but he’s different.He still puts people first although that requires him to sacrifice. I hate to take a reference from a religion, but I must admit that I regard him as a living saint. When I gazed at him, I noticed there were more lines in his forehead and more gray hair. “You are not even 40, what happened?”.

“…at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.”
(The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho)

He said that he’s challenged and tested all this time, even when he’s trying to help leveraging people’s lives. He’s thinking all the time to solve all those matters. When he told me what happened, even I had to admit that I couldn’t find any solution other than patience. Patience is what I call as eternal struggling against myself. They say, the worst enemy is ourselves and patience requires us to fight that battle we can’t escape. “At least we live, then there’s still hope,” I said. He nodded. Then we were in silence again, thinking.

“Maybe this is an exam you must take for you to reach the next level, somehow I believe that,” I said. “Yeah, I also believe it, ” he said. We agree that life is just like a school and God is the teacher. Have you ever heard of experiential learning? This Teacher loves this method. I don’t know if this Teacher has a sense a humor and we, as student, are playing along with it: fate. Human has to struggle so that he/she’s not going nuts and can lift up his/her head facing this life. Then maybe we can get good grade out of it: wisdom. Wisdom allows us to understand the interconnection, synchronization of our lives. Then we can inspire people to have a positive and optimistic view of live. Several good motivational speakers that we pay billions for them to do some seminars had been through these school tests before. Maybe they are already graduated or maybe they are just seniors, I refuse to make that judgment. By the way, cut to the chase, when we inspire people, we spread positive ambiance. Love, it is. Someone said to me that we are happier when we love than to be loved. We grow hope instead of pursuing happiness directly by solely competing each other. We give meaning to our existence. This is not an easy task, a noble one, I must say. To prepare some of us, this Teacher has to give trainings then this Teacher can have assistants to help growing this world.

What level are you now? If you don’t have to choose to be patient waiting for the next hints in order to pass this test, please don’t say that you’re miserable. You’re not in advanced level yet, neither high school nor university. Maybe you’re still in kindergarten or elementary school in this school of life. You still have long way to go, my friend.

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May 6, 2009

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Problems Hurricane – Re-assess, Re-evaluate

In life, they say, there are up and downs. Sometimes we’re on top, we get all the fortune and vast amount of opportunities. We are in the party and we rock the party!

However, at any time, the party might end. The wheel rotates and we might stop for a while at the lowest point. Problems keep coming and it seems that they will never go. At this moment, we might experience fatigue or we even burn out. As we grow up as an adult, problems are part of our lives because adulthood comes with responsibility. However, problems, no matter how bad they may seem, they help us redirecting our messy and full-of-distraction life, because at that time, we pause.

In other words,

“When problems come to you endlessly and they blur your sight, it’s time to re-evaluate, which one is your real problem.”

I think that’s how the universe teaches and communicates with us and that’s how we ought to learn.

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Me, according to self-assessment quiz on FB (MBTI?)

I think this test result sums me up quite right. 🙂

Take the quiz here

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Blooming Valentine

Saya akhirnya kembali lagi di sini. Menatap layar komputer dengan pikiran melayang, perasaan melambung. Ah bohong deh. Bilang saja saya kurang kerjaan. Tumpukan project sudah selesai dari seminggu yang lalu. Alhasil saya kembali jadi anggota perkumpulan MAGABUT.

Biasanya kalau kerjaan sudah kelar, fokus kembali ke diri sendiri toh, termasuk sampah-sampahnya. Namun bedanya, sekarang saya perhatikan, kok di sampah-sampahnya malah tumbuh tunas bunga baru? Yak, ternyata setelah dua puluh empat tahun melanglang buana di dunia ini, saya sadar bahwa saya telah banyak berubah. Sudah tidak terlalu cengeng (kadang-kadang masihlah, namanya juga manusia). Masih pendek sih tapi herannya saya sudah tidak sesinis dulu. Kalau dulu saya percaya bahwa Valentine itu cuma akal-akalan orang marketing, sekarang saya paling tidak bersedia mengakui bahwa Valentine itu indah, tidak hanya buat kaum kapitalis tetapi juga buat orang-orang yang merasakan cinta. Cinta memang sudah seharusnya dirasakan setiap hari, namun tidak ada salahnya toh kita sekali-sekali berpesta untuk cinta?

Apa ini karena saya sedang jatuh cinta? Ya tidak juga. Maksud saya, cinta dalam arti yang sehakikatnya. Cinta Tuhan, cinta orangtua, cinta saudara, cinta teman, cinta sesama. Tidak perlu cinta eros, cinta-cinta itu sudah nyetrum kok. Hanya saja karena kita dianugerahi cinta-cinta itu semenjak kita ada, kita lupa. Padahal cinta yang berharga itu apa sih? Saya juga bingung, tapi kemarin malam, saya menonton sebuah film di HBO, Nights In Rodanthe, dan saya merasa seperti tersetrum mendengar potongan dialog ini,

“But there’s another kind of love, Amanda. One that gives you the courage to be better than you are, not less than you are. One that makes you feel that anything is possible. I want you to know that you could have that. I want you to hold out for it.”

Film ini memang film romansa, namun pesan di dialog ini begitu indah. Cinta yang membuat kita berani untuk menjadi lebih baik, yang membuat kita merasa segalanya mungkin. Tidakkah cinta saudara dan teman membuat kita merasa dipahami? Tidakkah cinta orangtua membuat kita bertumbuh? Tidakkah cinta Tuhan memberi kita kekuatan, inspirasi, dan anugerah tiada batasnya? Tidakkah cinta sesama membuat kita merasakan cinta Tuhan yang begitu besar?

Oleh karena itu, ingin saya dedikasikan bulan cinta ini pada teman-teman semua, saudara, keluarga, dan terutama untuk Tuhan. Semoga hati kita dapat semakin merekah, merasakan berkat Tuhan dan keindahan dalam anugerah terindah yang Tuhan berikan pada kita, C I N T A. I love you all. 🙂

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