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#freeprita: Koin Keadilan

Have you ever heard Prita’s case against some arrogant stupid hospital? The final verdict is that Prita has to pay fine 204 million rupiahs. As soon as I got the news, I couldn’t help but wonder: how ironic our country is.

This case should make us think: if freedom of speech is repressed, should we stay silent and act like a robot with no thought and will? No, it degrades our value as human being. Cogito ergo sum! (I think then I exist).

Then we must fight. Let’s help our fellows, the victim of this injustice act, this institutionalized violence! Collect coins to free Prita. Through this, we not only act for Prita’s sake but also for freedom of speech, our fundamental human rights. It might be Prita today, but tomorrow it might be one of us.

Further info, please check Koin Keadilan.

P.S: That hospital might gain a lot of money through bullies and injustice; however money runs out in a sec whilst bad press/negative image remains forever.


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