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Sprinkling Coincidences on My Cupcake

Claiming as the most rational being, we are always taught that if there’s a stimulus, we will get a response according to the law of logic, what usually happens and what’s not.

Sadly shaped by mere ‘custom’, we might lose some sight. We punish ourselves when we expect more, “are you out of your mind?” When we see ‘miracles’ with our own eyes, we instantly begin to doubt ourselves and go through some insanity check. When people say something that’s beyond what’s written in the society, we object them. Saying that it’s impossible and that person must be crazy. Of course, we can’t escape the possibility that he/she might be lying. However can we also trust our judgment hastily? These are conflict that we always pose when we were given some out-of-the-box proposition. Indeed, life has its own way to ‘inflict’ this on us, called coincidence.

When something happened to me and it’s out of my calculation, I began to fear. Losing control was scary for me. Thus, so was coincidence. What has happened? Where this might lead? Those were questions that I posed to myself whenever something was colliding with the law of logic.

However, I forgot that I didn’t live alone. I didn’t exile myself in the black hole. I was living with others. We shared our lives, our stories, our thought. When we meet someone, some friends on our way without us planning for it, there must be some kind of invisible string that link us up. Probably when I accidentally leave my keys in my friend’s house and I have to go back to her house to fetch it, I might find my friends needing my help.

With this invisible string, we might transfer our feelings and thoughts unconsciously. If we are happy, other people may share our happiness even though we don’t exactly tell people about what we feel. If we exhale positivity, others might inhale it. When we put negativity upfront, unconsciously it might drive negativity in others as well. It’s infectious. This entanglement may contribute to what kind of coincidence that will happen. Is it a good one, a bad one? A fortunate one? Unfortunate one?

We do not have an exact formula to determine that. However we have one element that might help us clearing our vision a little.

Just like what Anon said,

A positive attitude sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.*

Thus, when we experience coincidences, rather than getting worked up with anxiety, we can embrace it as one of the miracle in our lives. I often judged some “accident” as unfortunate event and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

* Get your daily dose of ‘miracle’ here

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